Close-up photo of the White-tailed Shrike

Namibia Bird Club

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Coastal Wetland Count

The Summer Coastal Wetland Count is taking place on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact Peter Bridgeford at the latest, by Wednesday evening 22 February if you would like to participate.

Everybody meets as usual, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, at Buccaneers Squash Club, in 6th Road Walvis Bay, not later than 08:30

Below is a map showing the route to the Squash Club
Map to Buccaneers Squash Club

Namibia Bird Club's Annual General Meeting

The Namibia Bird Club’s 31th Annual General Meeting of the Namibia Bird Club which will be held at the Namibia Scientific Society, Windhoek on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 19h00

The Agenda for the AGM, Draft minutes of last year's AGM and Committee Member Nomination Form can be found below:
Agenda Draft Minutes of last year's AGM Nomination Form

Inland Wetland Count

The response to the request for volunteers to take part in the bi-annual Inland Wetland Count was very disappointing and as usual it was the same people giving up their time to perform this important function. However the few that did take part were treated to the sightings of some uncommon birds, e.g. Pink-backed Pelicans were seen at both Monte Christo and Otjivero Dam. Four or five Amur Falcons were seen at Monte Christo amongst Red-footed Falcons.

The morning walk at Avis Dam coincided with the wetland count at the dam. The ten participants were trated to a view of a dam with a small amount of water in it but with no water birds. It was only on the way back to the dam-wall car park that the first of only 3 types of water birds were seen - Hamerkop, Little Grebe and as the group crossed the dam wall a pair of Egyptian Geese landed in the water.

In all 67 birds were seen and heard. The following file lists all the birds seen/heard during the outing:
Avis Dam Bird List

Day outing to the Sonnleiten Farm Residence

The large number of participants (25 including 2 visitors from Germany) resulted in two groups being created. One group did bird-mapping in the pentad containing the residential complex, while the other group bird-mapped the neighbouring pentad. Even though the veld was green the total number of birds seen or heard on the pentad away from the residential complex was a bit disappointing. For one group the sighting of a flying Marabou Stork brought some excitement.

In all 78 birds were seen and heard. The following file lists all the birds seen/heard during the outing:
Sonnleiten Bird List

Morning Walk at Gammams Water Treatment Works

The first morning walk of the year was well attended with 18 participants. There were a large number of White-winged Terns present after an absence of at least 3 years. Two African Openbill Storks also graced us with their presence.

White-winged Terns
White-winged Tern

The following file lists all the 71 birds seen/heard during the outing:
Gammams Bird List

Waders by Faansie Peacock

The Waders and LBJs books as advertised by the Namibia Bird Club on the 18 November have arrived in Windhoek.

A big THANK YOU to Holger Kolberg for bringing the books all the way from South Africa.


Morning Walk at Avis Dam

Everybody was expecting it to be a dull morning walk with only a few birds to be seen what with the heat and lack of water. However it turned out quite the opposite with 4 species of Cuckoo seen including Klaas's Cuckoo which were lifers for most of the 9 members attending the walk. There was no sign of the Spotted Eagle-Owl or its fledglings that were seen there about two weeks earlier.

The following file lists all the 70 birds seen/heard during the outing:
Avis Dam Bird List