Close-up photo of the White-tailed Shrike

Namibia Bird Club

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Day outing to the Sonnleiten Farm Residence

Meeting point: 07:00 at the turnoff to Heja Lodge.

From there we follow the B6 eastwards; after Neudamm and before the Hosea Kutako International Airport we turn left into Sonnleiten.

Take along: Your hat, pair of binoculars, bird book, chair and picnic basket. After the walk we are invited to picnic on the veranda of Mr and Mrs Luise Hoffmann.

Morning Walk at Gammams Water Treatment Works

The first morning walk of the year was well attended with 18 participants. There were a large number of White-winged Terns present after an absence of at least 3 years. Two African Openbill Storks also graced us with their presence.

White-winged Terns
White-winged Tern

The following file lists all the 71 birds seen/heard during the outing:
Gammams Bird List

Waders by Faansie Peacock

The Waders and LBJs books as advertised by the Namibia Bird Club on the 18 November have arrived in Windhoek.

A big THANK YOU to Holger Kolberg for bringing the books all the way from South Africa.


Morning Walk at Avis Dam

Everybody was expecting it to be a dull morning walk with only a few birds to be seen what with the heat and lack of water. However it turned out quite the opposite with 4 species of Cuckoo seen including Klaas's Cuckoo which were lifers for most of the 9 members attending the walk. There was no sign of the Spotted Eagle-Owl or its fledglings that were seen there about two weeks earlier.

The following file lists all the 70 birds seen/heard during the outing:
Avis Dam Bird List

Birding Challenge at Monte Christo

The Bird club invites you to take part in a fun day (Year-end function), with a bird event (bird mapping) in the morning on the Monte Christo farm which is known to host a big variety of waterbirds and some rare visitors. Or you are welcome to just stay under the trees and enjoy the scenery.

For lunch we will treat you to „Kartoffelsalat und Wiener Würstchen“ and soft drinks as a thank you for your support of the Bird Club during the year. There will also be a lucky draw.

Please bring: something to nibble for the morning, drinks, your chair and picknick table, hat and a pair of binoculars, your family and „Gute Laune“ – be in a good mood!

Please confirm with Gudrun Middendorff: if you plan to attend by Wednesday 23th November 2016, so we can prepare an appropriate amount of food.

Waders by Faansie Peacock

The long awaited book on Waders by Faansie Peacock will be on the bookshelves in early December.
Do have a look via these links ( or and consider spoiling yourself with a Christmas present.

The Namibia Bird Club will be placing an order and we have a lift from South Africa (arriving here after Christmas).

We would like to invite you to place your order by emailing Gudrun Middendorff: by 10 December 2016.

Waders Book LBJs Book

Book cover images displayed with permission.

Book TitlePrice
Wader BookN$ 480.00 (maximum)
LBJ BookN$ 480.00 (maximum)
LBJ and Wader BookN$ 840.00 (maximum)

The more books are ordered the less one pays.

The African Bird Name Group

The goal of the African Bird Name Group (ABNG) is to ensure that each bird species in Southern Africa has a unique name in all the languages of the region.

To do this the ABNG will bring together and facilitate people doing research on bird names or help people to start with it. The idea is to encourage and help researchers publish books or articles on their research.
If anybody with a knowledge of bird names in any of the languages of Namibia would like to help us, they can contact me at We are looking especially for someone who can speak either Khoekhoegowab, Otjiherero or Oshiwambo.

Johan Meyer

Morning Walk at Gammams Water Treatment Works

The highlight of the morning walk for the 11 participants must be the sighting once again of African Openbills.

The following file lists all the 75 birds seen/heard during the outing:
Gammams Bird List