Close-up photo of the White-tailed Shrike

Namibia Bird Club

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Slogan Needed

The Namibia Bird Club is looking for a suitable slogan and is calling on its members and other members of the public to come up with one. The slogan should incorporate the ideas of Conservation, Education and Enjoyment.

All suggestions must please be sent to the email address with the Subject: Bird Club Slogan.

Lanioturdus Front-cover Change

The committee of the Namibia Bird Club has decided to change the style of the front cover of its journal, Lanioturdus, by placing a different photograph of the White-tailed Shrike Lanioturdus torquatus, the emblem of the Namibia Bird Club, on each issue.

The committee is looking for good, large-sized photographs of the White-tailed Shrikes. By submitting your photographs to us you will be granting us permission to use the photographs. Photographers will be acknowledged. Please send all photographs to the email address:

Vulture Ringing day on Farm Smalhoek

You are invited to a vulture ringing day on farm Smalhoek (close to Dordabis) on Sunday 25 September 2016.
You should leave Windhoek in time to be on the farm at 08h00 – approximately driving time: 1.5 hours

Directions: From Windhoek - follow the B6 tar road towards Hosea Kutako Airport to the turn-off to Dordabis, turn right onto the C23 tar road for about 58 km until the turn-off to Dordabis comes up, go straight -follow the C23 for approximately 25-27 km crossing a treeless plain before the farm sign board comes up on the left. Be aware the entrance to the farm is on top of a hill/dune and can be missed easily. The farm house is about 4-5 km into the farm.

Remember to bring your own picnic / snacks / food / drinks /water for the day!

There is no obligation to stay the entire day – you are free to leave whenever you wish.

Please let Gudrun Middendorff know if you plan to come, thank you.

Are some members of the Crow family human?

Many Human-beings like to distinguish themselves from animals by tool design and use, planning for the future and having the capacity for empathy.

Below are two links to articles that cover tool use and capacity for empathy by some of the members of the crow family:

Morning walk at Gammams Water Treatment Works

The highlight of the outing was the sighting of a Bat Hawk as it was flushed. Fortunately it circled over our heads for a while before disappearing.

Bat Hawk

The 13 Namibia Bird Club members that attended the outing were joined by 7 non-members, several of whom were from overseas, and one from South Africa.

In all 78 bird species were seen/heard which are listed in the file below:
Gammams Bird List

Long weekend at Omaruru

11 Members of the Namibia Bird Club enjoyed the August long-weekend outing to Omaruru with 2 driving from Swakopmund. The rest arrived from Windhoek.
The Ever Green Camp campsite was very basic but none the less everybody was satisfied especially once again with the meals that were prepared in the evenings.
The weekend was spent bird-mapping with a total of 14 pentads being mapped. The birding was generally disappointing with the campsite only producing a total of 40 bird species during the stay, however 3 species of owl was recorded.

Southern White-faced Scops-Owl

Most of the pentads only produced about 20 to 25 bird species and two pentads that had water sources on them produced about 40 bird species. The most common bird seen was surprisingly the Marico Flycatcher.

Morning walk at Avis Dam

8 Members and four visitors braved a coldish, windy morning for one of the poorest birding that has ever been experienced at Avis Dam with only 34 species of bird seen/heard. The viewing of one the resident African Fish-Eagles did however lift everyone's spirit.

The following file lists all the 34 birds seen/heard during the outing:
Avis Dam Bird List


The Namibia Bird Club's 2017 Calendar is now available.

For members of the Namibia Bird Club the price is N$80.00 per calendar.
For non-members the price is N$100.00 per calendar.

Calendars can be obtained from Gudrun Middendorff, various bookshops and the Namibian Scientific Society.

front page of calendar

Day Outing to Farm Teufelsbach

We invite everyone interested to a Sunday outing on farm Teufelsbach north of Windhoek.
Try and be on the farm at 8h30.

Farm Teufelsbach is situated between Windhoek and Okahandja about 50 km out of town.

On offer is a drive to some of the dams which still have water and compiling an atlas card. (We monitor 30 nest boxes from the nest box project running on the farm- no breeding in winter).

Remember to bring your hat, chair, and bird book and picnic for yourself.

Please let Gudrun Middendorff know if you are planning to join us on the farm.

Inland Wetland Count

It is time for the Winter inland wetland count again and the Namibia Bird Club is looking for volunteers to participate, a small group of 4-5 participants is enough - team leaders, two or three counters and a scribe per location. Counting will occur on Saturday and Sunday.

Please contact Gudrun Middendorff (081-240 3635) if you are interested in participating.

Below is a list of sites which have to be counted. The two yellow blocks are dams which unfortunately have no water, which does not mean nobody can visit this location.

  • Gammams Water Treatment Works
  • Hoffnung Dam
  • Monte Christo
  • Otjivero Dam
  • Avis Dam
  • Daan Viljoen

The files below are a field count sheet and the official Wetland count sheet. While counting the wetland birds you can simultaneously make an atlas card/bird map as well.
Inland Count Form African Waterbird Census Form

Coastal Wetland Count

Report by Peter Bridgeford:

The Walvis Bay winter bird count was once again completed successfully. The first count took place in 1983.

This is entirely due to ‘citizen scientists’ who have made the count possible. Without the support of all the volunteers over the years, it could not have been done. These volunteers have waded through mud and water: survived sand storms and freezing cold mornings and they keep coming back for more. Thank you. Many of these volunteers have driven long distances, at their own expense, to participate and the Namibia Bird Club members from Windhoek are thanked for many years of assistance.

We also want to thank our loyal sponsors: Buccaneers Squash Club, Binnacle Marine Services, Namib Marine Services, Namibia Breweries, Probst Bakery, Radio Electronics and Walvis Bay Salt Refiners and our volunteer catering staff.

The count in the Walvis Bay Ramsar Site was blessed with warm to hot weather, good visibility, but no east winds. However, at the Walvis Bay Sewage Ponds, strong east wind and poor visibility sabotaged the count and it had to be abandoned. The count at Sandwich Harbour was done by Holger Kolberg and Mark Boorman in cold misty conditions.

Walvis BaySandwich Harbour
Greater Flamingos26 69445 000
Lesser Flamingos23 61820 360
Unidentified Flamingos4 629
Total Flamingos54 94165 360
Chestnut-banded Plovers11445 000
Avocets2 4363 000
Total of all birds counted74 772100 066

Between Walvis Bay and Sandwich Harbour, we have over 120 000 flamingos. The total count is not the highest number of birds for a winter count, but neither is it the lowest.

Thanks once again to all who helped to make the count a success. Take care and see you at the summer count in 2017.

Bird Count: Walvis Bay Lagoon and Salt Works